Our Products

PUF In-situ Injection

On site PUF insualtion is done by using low pressure dispenser machine and spray gun.

PUF In-situ Injection work for the Pipelines, Chemicals Processing Reactors, Liquid Gas storage tanks, Large diameter pipe sizes, Cavity filling, AHU Panels, Fire Proof Doors, Shipping Containers, etc.

PUF Spray Insulation on the roofs as over deck insulation with Polyurea Coating.

Various thickness and density can be achieved.

PUF/PIR pipe bends and joints

CNC cut precised bend and T-joints for easy installation.

Elbow bend, angel end in various pipe sizes.

Standard Sizes (mm): 1000 x 1000, 1000 x 500.

Thickness (mm): 15 to 500.

Special sizes are available on request.

Customized PUF shapes

Customized shapes and sizes available as per the Customer demand, like

PUF Supports for Ceramic Industries

Model Making,

Wind Mill Blades,

Floating Buoys

Pyramid shaped sound proofing acoustic foam panel

Corrugated PUF Sheets for Pre Fab Walls & Roofs

Manufacturer and exporter of Rigid PUF/PIR materials for thermal insulation applications. Wide range of products with hi-tech manufacturing facilities.