Pre-Insulated Pipes

Our entire range of products and systems are the result of continuous innovation and R&D. We provide competitive products in the market which is becoming more and more demanding. Thanks to our modern and automated production facilities and high quality standards.

Pre-Insulated pipe is one step ahead in the field of insulation. Pipes from Alaska PUF Industry are totally non-corrosive, and are supplied ready insulated (pre-insulated) from the factory. Ready for installing and fitting in a system that rarely requires any further maintenance. Thus, there is no need of supplementary insulation, and at the same time the best insulation in the market is obtained.

The K value is around 0.0217 W/mk as per ASTM Standard during the entire service life of the pipe system.

1. Casing or Jacker Pipe

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • PVC/HDPE (In Various Colour) Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Pre-coated GI Sheets

2. Insulation

  • Low temperature => -180 C to -60 C
  • Normal temperature => -60 C to +140 C
  • High temperature => +140 C to +1000C ( PUR + Rock Wool / Calcium Silicate)

3. Service Pipe or Carrier Pipe

  • Steel ( Seamless or welded )
  • Stainless Steel ( Seamless or welded )
  • Plastic
  • Copper

We insulate all types of carrier pipes

Pre-Insulated Pipe With Metal Cladding

(Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Pre coated GI Sheet)

Size - 15NB to 200NB

Pre-Insulated Pipe with PVC Cladding

Size - 15NB to 200NB

Dual Pre-Insulated Pipe with Metal And PVC Cladding

(can also provide 3 & 4 pipes in single jacket if required)

Size - 15NB to 50NB

Pre-Insulated Pipe with Calcium Silicate and PUF Insulation

(for hot insulation)

Size - 15NB to 200NB

Pre-Insulated Pipe with HDPE Cladding

Size - 15NB to 200NB

Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and coefficient of expansion of all known insulating materials (Tested to ASTM C177/IS 12436). Thus helps to save more energy compared to the commonly used elastomeric insulation.

The outer casing material is galvanized, stainless steel or high density polyethylene tubes which will with-stand extreme climatic conditions.

Polyurethane foam provides very good damping properties. It reduces noise considerably.

Alaska Pre-insulated pipe system can be used over a wide range of temperature between -1800C to +10000C

The pressure tight seamless locked tube or high polyethylene tube provides ultimate vapour barrier.

The pressure-tight locked seam tube or the high density polyurethane homogeneous and seamless tube ensures water tightness.

  • No Adhesive
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Minimum site installation work
  • Walk-over insulation
  • No sagging of insulation
  • Zero human error
  • Quick, problem-free installation in one process, without long periods of disruption of operations.
  • The insulation and jacket together have a very high mechanical strength, which makes pre-insulated pipe systems resistant to physical effects, e.g. when they are used as a foot bridge.

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